Is it ok to have a crush on Putin?
neiL saitug

In Russia people live their life and don’t think about is US at all. Only when US does another nasty thing.

As a Russian I can only smile at that bullshit that is on your American agenda and that you have to deal with it seriously. It even inspires you to write an article.

As far as I know this photo of Putin was picked by one of his pr team to impress women electorate. The whole bullshit story out of it was made by your “objective” media.

It is always so with your vision about Russia: your “objective” media make up a bullshit story, wrap it up in lie. Than this lie wrapped up in lie is again and again wrapped up in lie. And than as Russian I am asked to reply to a lie wrapped up in lie wrapped up in lie wrapped up in lie…. What can I do? Either ignore or smile. I am not a teacher. The ones who want, have love for truth and brains do their homework themselves.

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