Great and not so great games

Those of us who are acutely aware of the geopolitical scenarios developing around us must find current situation around the Korean peninsula very interesting and relevant.

It is understandable that this area is inextricably linked to the global quest for hegemony by the empire and it’s vassals. This is true not only because of its geographical proximity to russia and China but also to the fact that the north Koreans have refused to bow down to the pressures exerted by the empire of chaos consistently.

The doctrine of full spectrum dominance entails command over each and every inch of the planet including space. Hence it’s imperative to bring any resistance to the new world order to its knees. Even resistance by individuals is not acceptable. While resistance by a group of nations no matter how weak or poor is considered as an act of aggression and calls for unleashing of the full wrath of the empire.

This line of thought will help us connect the dots of seemingly disparate events around the globe. A recent example is syria. The empire factually faces a stalemate over there. The Russians are the cause of this in the eyes of the empire. This led the empire to strike at Ukraine. Familiar colour revolution techniques were applied. Prorussian president was gotten rid off and a NATO lover government installed. This backfired in the form of a civil war and reunification of crimea with Russia.

Enter the Chinese. Who are in a sense strategically aligned with the Russians. When one node(russia) did not get de stabilised and back off from supporting syria the other node(china) of this loose nascent alliance was attacked(not militarily yet).

Multiple provocations were used. South China sea,taiwan, Japan and the Korean peninsula. The aim was to throw China off balance so that it makes a mistake, using which it could be further demonised.

Events in south Korea further exacerbated the situation. The pro western president of south Korea was impeached under domestic pressure. Empire felt that ROK could slide to the other side albeit very unlikely. But geo politics is not a rational arena. A number of measures were taken by the empire to pre-empt such an event. The best defence is attack. With this mentality a new wave of demonisation campaign was started against DPRK.

This reached fever pitch with the new man in the white house. To establish his credentials as a real man and warrior American, Trump escalated the matters further this time militarily. The installation of THAAD missiles, movement of a naval strike group towards DPRK and other assets are few of the measures. Then the open threats to attack DPRK with blinding strikes. These were backed up by testing of the MOAB in Afghanistan and another test of a nuclear capable gravity bomb. The imperial mouthpieces talked about so called decapitation strikes(euphemism for murdering the leader of a nation). Thus threatening Kim Jong un personally.

The amplitude of these events reached such a crest that the Chinese foreign minister hinted that hostilities on the Korean peninsula could break out any minute. Most recently CNN tells us that a missile test by DPRK has failed. This was the so called test which was supposed to be used later as the justification for a strike on DPRK.

The advertised casus bellum of a new war is not there anymore. This is for the time being. On the other hand history tells us that empires don’t even need “causes” to act aggressively. This is certainly true about the empire of our times.

While the great and not so great games continue the citizens of the world watch in horror and wait.