Hey! Don’t Panic. Your Challenges are Trying to Tell You Something.

There comes a point in life where we are faced with challenges. Sometimes, we get to a point that we just can’t take it anymore. We encounter difficulties that we feel are just way beyond us. You are tempted to give up. You feel the weight and pressure is just too much. You can’t withstand it. You want to give up. Sometimes we give up and sometimes we overcome the challenges. Let’s face it, challenges are inevitable and are part of our lives.

When we give up, we could say the challenge was too strong for us or it was way above us, but when we overcome a challenge some fail to recognize the process that made us pass through that phase. Some say, “I was just lucky” or “Wow! I don’t know how I did it but I did it.” Many fail to recognize the process. They fail to see what really gave them victory. They ignored what really went down from the challenge to their victory. You might ask “Who Cares. I overcame it anyways.”

Well, the benefit of knowing what contributed to your victory is simple: TO KNOW THE KEY INGREDIENT IN OVERCOMING CHALLENGES. If you get hold of this information, you would be prepared with the knowledge of overcoming the next challenge life brings you.

Take the game-play of an adventure video game for example. As you progress from one stage to another, defeating enemies gets harder and harder. You learn skills and techniques to overcome obstacles set in each stage of the game. You keep the pace and keep improving until you complete the game.

Let’s take another example (for a non-gamer). While in school, you notice that each new class you progress into gets more challenging. New subjects, more advanced topics, more test, tougher exams and the list goes on. Many of us face these and we succeeded and got done with school. When asked how we did it, most say “HARD WORK.” Hard work is part of the process but what about those that didn’t make it and those that never finished that game. Do you think all of them didn’t work hard?

I believe challenges are just nature’s way of telling you, “SON! YOU GOTTA UPGRADE”, “MISS, GO UPDATE YOUR SKILLS”, “KIDDO, GO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF MORE.”

The pattern I’ve noticed when I or someone overcomes a challenge is that we get better than the previous us. Over-comers get better and better. When faced with a challenge or difficulty, I feel nature is trying to tell us that we need to upgrade, we need to be prepared for the next phase. Imagine taking a student in his first year at university straight to final year. Do you think that student would be equipped to face the challenges of final year? I don’t think so.

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” — Leonardo Dicaprio

When faced with a financial challenge, it could be a hint to upgrade your financial intelligence which could be done through reading books on that topic or through a mentor.

When battling stage fright, it could mean that you need to learn how to be more confident and believe in yourself. You could join social groups and learn from people on how they overcame stage fright.

When you can’t just make a sale for your company, it might be nature trying to tell you that what you learnt from school was not enough. Nature could be trying to send a message that you could read marketing books and blog articles from sales experts.

When feeling lost and confused, the solution could be to join a group or read a book that could help you with self-discovery and steer you towards having a clear vision for your life.

When going through that sickness and the doctors are telling you that you would die in 6 months, it may be nature telling you that you need to develop your inner strength to beat that cancer. To be a fighter that never gives up.

Many people go into a state of panic when faced with challenges. They run in the wrong direction, playing the blame game and seeking for solutions in the wrong places. Neglecting the important message that nature is trying to pass.

Life comes in phases with its share of challenges. Overcoming challenges improves you and makes you ready for the next phase. When you develop a mindset that a challenge is a hint that you need to upgrade yourself, then you would know the basic things to do to face and overcome challenges. The difficulties that come with challenges are just a distraction. Never forget the true meaning of challenges.

Your challenges are trying to tell you: “GO UPGRADE YOURSELF AND KICK ME IN THE ASS” ;)