Frankapology — A story about lies, deceit, betrayal and sex.

(Ok, there’s no sex. That was clickbait).

Ash: “That Frank is such an awful person…”

Bobby: “Yea totally. I heard he had X killed to eliminate competition!”.

Ash: “Oh wow, I’m not sure about that. I mean, he’s an awful guy but I don’t think he’s actually murdered anyone.”

Bobby: “Oh you like Frank do you!?”

Ash: “No! I hate him, I just don’t think he’s murdered anyone.”

Bobby: “Oh I see, you’re a Frank-apologist, you disgust me, get out of here.”

Ash: “No not at all! He is a terrible person, I just don’t think he’s murdered…”

Bobby: “You Frank-apologist! What’s the difference, he’s an awful person, why defend him?”

Ash: *sigh*