“Communication Skills”

I wanted to improve my communication skills because no matter how competent and efficient you are,If you are not able to convey actually what you want to convey, is useless. It is really needed to actively participate in the the group discussions and share ones own point of view in an effective way.

I wanted to achieve this goal because being an business student it is an core skill to be expert in. Actually when you are among very loving people you do not realize your deficiencies. Same is the case with me at school and college I was among very loving people that I never realized that I am unable to communicate strangers in an effective and impressive way because there I always got appreciation.After doing graduation when I wanted to get admission in some reputed university for MPhil I traveled along some unknown girls of my university during conversation with them I realized I am not good at conveying my point of view and convincing others. Recently I interviewed at IBA university of the Punjab for for admission in MPhil I got 6 out 10 marks, luckily I was able to get admission there due to my good academic background but at that time I realized badly the the need to improve my communication skills.

In the past I was not able to work on it there were many reasons behind not doing so .I was from a Government school so there was no concept of such things even I was the topper of my school still I was not able to communicate properly.In the college main focus was on the academia. So, after college I wished to learn these skills but unfortunately I was not able to join any academy due to financial problems. Those days I did not have the facility of internet as well. During graduation honestly speaking I did not even think of it because there were a lot of others things to think about. After coming from university I used to teach at home till 9 ‘o clock. After that I worked on my assignments etc to maintain my academic position so there was no time to even think.

Well to improve my communication skills I worked in three steps. First step was to know about what is effective communication? For this purpose I read many articles and watched the videos of some highly effective people to know what makes there words worth listening.Second step was to compare and contrast my own skills with the effective communication skills.That was quite difficult because to become your own judge is always difficult.Well I figured out the flaws in communication.Third step was to actually improve the weak areas of my communication e.g. active listening, think and comprehend before sharing,or inability to ask what I want to ask.For this purpose I was to participate in class discussion maximum times which was a tough job because I used to be a quiet listener for last four years almost. So, that was not easy to convince myself to speak.I was to talk to some strangers,breaking the ice was once again an difficult task, some girls showed cold attitude too. I talked to girls sitting beside me in the bus as well.

No doubt that was challenging but despite of all those challenges I learned a lot from that experience. The most important thing that things seem tough only until action has been taken. I learnt fear is just in our minds.when one learn to defeat that fear everything becomes possible.There is nothing impossible in this word, the only thing which one needs to do is believe in oneself. How to bear the cold attitude and giving respect to other’s point of view was also the lesson I learnt.

The journey does not ends here as learning communication skills is not an easy job and one cannot be master in it within a week or two. So I will keep on improving by learning from different people and by actively participating in the activities which will help me in this regard.As we all know practice makes a man perfect.so I will be be working till perfection.

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