“Start from small to make big difference”

Edhi sab says start small, that was the respect for labor that his parents instilled in him. His parents also used to say that no labor is insult in fact the lowest form is dignified and worthy. But on the other hand his father used to say “Think big” as it is important to think big without limitations.

Well these words inspired me because I also think the same because work is not big or small it’s just work and on the other hand to one must dream big. Most important thing our religion also teaches the same thing that work with your own hand to earn livelihood. Today it is the need of hour to realize this thing to overcome the unemployment that we are facing today. Because every graduate or master degree holder wants to start his/her career as CEO of the company or be at the top positions. They think that they are very much educated so they deserve high posts that would be their success only. But we should realize that work is work. We have to start from small work then gradually we will be at top as well. I also teach students at home as in our colony mostly poor people reside, they are not able to send their children to good schools so I teach them by charging minor fee. Most of the students who were not able to pay, I teach them free as well. That was a tough routine because after coming from university I teach from 3 to 9'0 clock. I try to give my best to brighten their future. And the second thing to think big, dream big, like every person I also have very big dreams in my life. I want to establish an NGO and after doing my CSS I want to work in order to improve our education system. Especially I want to work in our Government institutions as a trainer.

In this way I also started from a small level as I wanted to fulfill my expenses and wanted to help poor. So by teaching at my colony that there was much hard work and effort but I was earning little. That was my little contribution towards my family and on the other hand that was a very little effort to help the poor who were unable to afford any academy in that area as we all know very well that academies has becomes business only.

Well, I think these are the golden principles for the success in today’s situation where unemployment is increasing day by day and people are committing suicide. So it would be really very helpful if we understand the importance of these words.

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