The knowledge you share in Slack can be saved for future generations.

A tool for knowledge extraction from Slack conversations and knowledge sharing without leaving Slack, without additional accounts and external web interfaces.

Sep 18 · 4 min read

Get more from your conversations

Automatic knowledge extraction

Putting it simply, this application can extract your knowledge from your every-day usual conversations in Slack channels and automatically share it with your teammates, when they need it.

So, the source of knowledge is conversations of your team members in public channels your Slack workspace.

We define two kinds of knowledge:

  1. Question and Answer (Q&A) pairs
  2. Descriptive messages, describing some facts — factual messages.
Q&A pair
Factual message

To do this we are using machine learning, which is a branch of AI. ML models learn how to detect meaningful pairs of Q&A or factual messages and filter out noise.

For example:

Q: How are you?
A: I’m very well. Thank you, mate!

This is a Q&A pair, but this is not the knowledge we want to save for the future here and should be filtered out.

Next example:

Q: Where to find an instruction manual for our office printer?
A: We have a corporate Wiki at There are a lot of manuals for many devices. I’m sure you’ll find the printer manual there.

Now this Q&A pair is much more interesting and might be useful in the future, for instance to new employees.

As a result, those extracted appropriate and useful Q&A pairs would be indexed in your private knowledge base. They also available to be modified and forgotten in the future and this all works inside Slack without using external web interfaces.

As well as automatically extracted Q&A pairs you can create manually Q&A pairs from any message in your channels using a message action in the Slack context menu.

Get answers, not documents or links

Automatic knowledge sharing

Indexed knowledge from your knowledge base is ready to be automatically delivered every minute. To do that the application detects free-form questions in your public channels and searching appropriate answers.

For example for:

Where to find an instruction manual for our office printer?

the application may find semantically similar Q&A, but in the other form:

Where to find an instruction manual for our office printer?
Hey, where can I find any manual for our office printer?

and also find answers in factual messages, like:

How many does the company holiday policy provide additional days?

Hey everyone! We have important information for you. From now on, the company holiday policy gives you 3 additional days for any emergency cases when you need personal time.

Additionally to the automatic knowledge sharing, we provide a Slack command to do a search in your knowledge base manually and privately.

For example:
/memonia search How many does holiday policy provide additional days?

User expertise hinweis

There are some questions which are very specific and unique and it is very unlikely that they would be repeated in the future by someone else and you probably don’t have any good answers for them. To find answers for those kinds of questions you’d rather find someone with expertise in this area to help.

Sometimes it is obvious, especially in small companies, but sometimes it is not clear. To help with this we provide user expert suggestions based on their message analysis.

This analysis works completely automatically — the application does it on an everyday basis to detect some experts and related topics in your Slack workspace.

It works also simple. When you ask some questions in public channels and if neither your colleagues or Memonia answers in some period of time you might get a private hint about who might help with your question.

Of course, this is also available for manual search:
/memonia search how does DNS work in Kubernetes?

Memonia works without any configurations from your side, it isn’t intrusive or noisy. We working hard to improve our ML and NLP models to provide the best suitable semanticly correct answers.

Don’t lose knowledge in Slack archive, that you share every day. Don’t lose your time looking for answers. Give a try Memonia.

Data privacy

The application works only in those public channels you allowed to. Use memonia commands to enable or disable it in any public channels of your choice. You can do it any time.

Your message analysis works completely automatically based on ML/NLP/AI machine models without any of our engineer’s intervention and interaction.

Look at our privacy policy for details.

Liebe Grüße from Germany.


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A tool for automatic knowledge sharing in Slack

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