memopay messages: new fancy view & clickable links


We are happy to share with you that thanks to cooperation of Blockchair team memopay messages on Blockchair blocks’ explorer have now a new fancy view! Anyone reviewing the transaction can instantly see a pretty and clear message without any additional manipulations.

New fancy view of memopay messages on blockchair (desktop)

We didn’t stop on this achievement and implemented one more new, important feature to memopay messages — clickable links.

So from now on businesses can not only directly communicate with their potential clients — BCH holders — via memopay messages, but also can get additional direct traffic to their websites!

Clickable link in memopay message on blockchair (mobile)

We believe this new, interactive feature brings great added value to each ad campaign that will be run with memopay.


We are grateful to Blockchair team for making it happens, and looking forward to implement the same feature on other block explorers like, etc. soon.


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Service for direct communications between businesses and Bitcoin Cash holders.

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