How love f*cked my career
Tiffany Sun

Funny to see how I have defined the word “career” as I’ve gotten older.

  1. As a child, when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say something like, “a hippo”, or “a giraffe”. I genuinely wanted to be these things.
  2. Later, as an adolescent, I just wanted to learn, and grow, as the world fascinated me in all it’s complexity and surprise.
  3. In my 20’s I just wanted to travel, have fun, and get in minor trouble, but at the same time I needed to eat, so had a decent paying job.
  4. Now as I get older, I look back, and see career as a work of art: like a painting that you start, and paint for decades — dabbing a bit of paint here and there, or mixing in new paint. To work only for money can limit the true potential that you can accomplish by truly focusing on the lifelong “piece” you are creating.

But one must eat, and one must feed others, when family and partners come along. So off to work we go..Heigh, ho, heigh, ho!(Although I think the dwarves were coming home from work in this song…)

I hope that your work of art that you call career gets more beautiful day after day Tiffany.