Speed reading and better business writing skills are just a seminar away

It is one thing to be able to read very fast and another totally different thing to be able to read fast and understand what it is that you are reading. The Evelyn Wood speed reading program is one of the best training programs that help to increase the ability to read fast and also comprehend what you are reading. Fast reading and comprehension are very important skills that you have to develop. There same is the case with business writing. Attending a business writing seminar will not only help you to develop your writing skills but will also teach you how to write faster, clearer and easily.

The mystery behind business writing

Business writing is more of an enigma to many people. There are so many things that need to be done in order to create a perfect business document. This is one of those statements that make people shudder at the thought of writing a business letter. Quite on the contrary business writing is very simple and rather straight forward. The only thing that is needed is the format. Once you have the format then you should not have a problem developing your writing easily.

Official letters are probably the most popular form of business writing you will have to engage in a lot at one point in time or another. It does not matter what kind of letter you are writing, as long as you have the format everything else becomes more like a downhill task. You do not have to struggle in order to create that letter applying for a job or requesting for information from another department.

Business reports and plans admittedly can be a bit difficult to write but just like the letters, the format helps you seek out what you want to do. Remember you can never set up a business without having a proper plan. The business is always bound to fail. When you attend a business writing seminar you will not have a problem creating that business plan very fast.

Start reading fast soon

Speed reading is a skill that few people to master in their whole lifetime. However there are some people who are able to read as many as 6000 words within a minute. Now that is just amazing, isn’t it? You too can also start reading as fast by taking advantage of the program developed by Evelyn Wood. She is renowned as one of the world’s best when it comes to reading. Here are a few tips to increase your reading speed:

1. Reduce sub vocalization

People always have a tendency to want to hear how words sound as they are reading. This is just another way of wasting time as you read. Do not spend your time to trying to imagine how the word would sound if it was pronounced loudly.

2. Use meta guidance

You can use a pen or even your finger to guide your eye as you read. While this is discouraged by some teachers in kindergarten it is a really good way to increase the speed of your reading. Your eye will be able to move faster over the words depending on how fast your finger is moving.

3. Chunking

This is grouping several words together. When you become more competent in a particular language then you are able to identify the fact that some words tend to follow each other a lot. Chunking will reduce the time you spend reading word by word and improve your reading speed.

The Evelyn Wood speed reading program is well developed to make sure that you get excellent results in the shortest time possible.

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