Math: The Election’s Over. Can We Please Move On?
Bill Frischling

Precisely because of all the data you’re referring to, I’d like to point out another incredibly important point for Democracy: if you live in a non-swing state (like California, New York, or many others) voting for a third-party will have a much more positive effect on our country than voting for either leading candidate precisely because the election is in the bag for Clinton.

And why would anyone do that, you ask? Because a third-party capturing 5% of the total popular vote would earn them millions of dollars in federal funding for a 2020 campaign, and that is huge. Our biggest problem, as evidenced by many of the frustrated commenters here, is the deplorable lack of quality choices in our election. And that’s not new; having 2 parties control this process has been detrimental to Democracy for a long time now. Those millions of federal dollars would allow a third party to better compete with the gigantic financial advantage Democrats and Republicans have over everyone.

The math is clear: thousands of voters can now safely vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson without a) handing the election to Donald Trump or b) worrying about the possibility that Stein or Johnson could actually win. At this point in the game, you’re not voting for a person, you’re simply voting for a future and much-needed third option to our political process.