With respect to the debates, we knew the “what,” you gave us the “who”, “why,” and “how.”

Thank you- that’s a great suggestion, though given how much well-researched material there is on the subject, I’m not sure what I could add (at this moment, anyway) to that history, though you never know what new angles exist to write about. I realize the article isn’t really about women’s suffrage per se- it just seemed such a glaringly insidious extra twist by the 2-Party knife that I wanted to include it. You know, it’s not enough that the Democrats and Republicans had to go and steal our political process from us- it’s that they had to do it by trouncing on a really wonderful political institution born from a group of women fighting an injustice. It seemed worth pointing that out.

While I’m not accusing either party of consciously making it an agenda to squash women, it’s hard not to believe that the phrase “nosy, meddling, busybody dames” (or something quite similar) wasn’t running through the minds of at least a few party officials who didn’t like being held accountable by this annoying little group that wouldn’t go away. “We need to put those ladies in their place! Who do they think they are?” So yeah, though my title is tongue-in-cheek, and not totally the point of the story, it’s also my little jab at politicians who, on top of everything else, can be sexist jerks, too.

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