The title is inflammatory and conniving and not a little sexist — those “girls” and “dames” were…
Jim Balter

You’re welcome to that opinion, but that’s all it is- one man’s opinion. If you bothered to read the link I included in that statement, or even, if you bother to search the web for feminist critiques of Hillary Clinton, you’ll find plenty of females with the same criticism of Hillary as mine. But I guess they’re “Bernie Bros” too.

The title was meant to be sexist, obviously- in an ironic way. And yes, it was a hook, but not for the reason you’d like it to be. It was a hook to tie the reader into a really wonderful organization called the League of Women Voters, and the really terrible thing our two parties did to it (and, by extension, all of us.) Yes, I like Bernie Sanders, but this isn’t about him- it’s about Americans having more than two options when it comes to picking their leader. Bernie is just a great example of how the system crushes those options, but you don’t have to be a fan of his to see that... if you care to see it.

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