ICO: Eloplay — 4T method (1st part)

Eloplay — the beginning of a large analysis.

Eloplay.com — analysis of the White Paper. Part I

16-hour trainings, 15 million euros in prize money and retirement in 25 years — a Russian player in Dota 2 anonymously told us about the world of e-sports.

Cyber ​​sport in Russia and in the world in generally is gaining momentum ( in 7 years cyber sport can become an olimpic kind), so I could not help paying attention to the ICO eloplay — a project, constructed for such competitions. However, everything in its order.

Today — the analysis of the White Paper.

The first thing that we see and that rejoice on the general background: the platform is ready. Already for today it is used by over 90 000 people and the potential is huge considering the general indicators of this economy.

The target audience by the opinion of the team:

Players and teams who want to compete for prizes and awards;

brands and organizations that conduct their own tournaments;

advertisers who are interested in the coverage of the cybersport audience.

The most important thing that attracted me to the concept is equality: “A smart tournament is the only opportunity for non-professional players to take part in a competition with a large prize fund.”

As the obvious things that need primary refinement I will highlight the following:

SEO-site optimization, because site is designed for a long-term basis, respectively — you need to work in this direction at once, otherwise the concept will remain vacuum and the necessary content will reach people only at the expense of other channels, which, moreover, will have a bad effect on the economy;

Up to 40% of the funds received are planned to be allocated for marketing and advertising. I think that this is the very point that needs to be detailed elaboration and description;

The technical component that we will touch on, at the moment is not written enough, I think that in connection with the concept — this is just one of the main points for such projects. I believe that its completion is critical until the moment of entering the ICO.

So, the first element — the concept — I consider to be viable. The team is now studying, and the code and the coin (token) are being studied by my colleagues. I think that soon we will have full information about the project. Moreover, I am entrusted to work with it tightly.

Are there any questions?

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