Автор: Иван Сергеевич Панасенко, Tech Lead at Mencodehard

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Невпинно омивається вологістю повітря
Ледь прозорий погляд в неминучість.
Жовтим полотном розкривається палітра,
Вітер — то стихає, то підвищує шалену гучність.
Осінь поспішає, чи крадеться — непомітно…

Трамваю колія звучить неначе ті затерті струни,
А Ти… далеко десь сидиш і грієш пальці.
А той ліхтар, де перші поцілунки були,
Стоїть собі завжди: i ввечері, і вранці…
Нажаль, ту мить, той час ми не збагнули.

Колись закінчаться слова на свіжому папері.
Чорнила висохнуть на мить в багатті
Разом із листям, що кружляли в сквері,
Мрійливо падали мов безтурботні і завзятті…
А потім дим розвіється по атмосфері. …

Recently discovered some old photos of our former team. The one below was taken around Aug 2017. Can’t say “enjoy the quality” but all men are smiling and having no idea what will happen during the next years.

Thanks to Eugene Pivniak, Oleksandr Chernov, Vladyslav Miasnikov, Denys Doroshenko and Maks Ryzhkov for that day and all the next years. Some of you are not in our team anymore but the photo remembers you.

And we absolutely do.

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Автор: Иван Панасенко, Tech Lead and Database Architect, LinkedIn

“Вся вот это ваша деловая этика — рабство и лицемерие.

Все хотят кушать хорошо и делать свои успешные дела.

Вы хотите пиздатые продукты, рабов и чтобы люди ебошили и не могли сказать, о чем они думают. Вам нужны только деньги, вам по сути насрать на людей, которые делают для вас важные вещи.

Так вот, мы есть Mencodehard — это здравомыслящие люди, с ахуенным опытом и возможностями. Мы не ёбаные бюрократы, мы люди, которые ебошат и делают всё хорошо. Мы своих людей ценим и понимаем. Мы хуйнёй не занимаемся.”

Фото автора ниже.

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“The incident highlighted that we were insufficiently prepared to operate with the huge majority of our teams working remotely.” — OVH Team, Monday 30th of March, 2020.

No secret, every hosting provider may have issues. They had and they will. The one we mentioned caused some of the apps we support to be down for about 1.5 hours in total. Shit happens. Everyone would go mad especially clients. They say that it’s time “to think of a better hosting provider”.

So let’s think together. To be continued…

Let’s look at the circumstances this way.

First is obvious: apps and services used by off-line businesses worldwide will “slow down” and numerous startups will have to be put on hold due to decreased offline activities and you-know-what-we-mean-here.

Second is a reasonable next step. Service agencies developing and serving apps mentioned above will have to deal with growing bench and start loosing employees (just like the offline sector not being able to support same level of job activities and salaries) and not hiring new “till this mess ends”.

Third is a “much appreciated side effect” with online services: massively increased traffic and user inquiries (online shopping, food deliveries, entertainments and everything else you’ve not been able to watch/read/access when working from office). No jokes, working from home has its benefits. This services and applications if dealing with outsourcing teams will start requiring more team resources, more support and even more. Hell, they will be ready to pay for it just fine. And it’s a lovely time to say that (no matter if you own or just develop for smbd) the app we build is NOT a startup anymore. …

Just listen to the man. Once we watched it some years ago it influenced our process really much. A great start for our team blog. Take care, wash your hands well.

Such a sweet presentation by Mr. Hickey
Rich Hickey
Rich Hickey



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