May be a few tips/how to achieve a quicker first render like inlining critical CSS and deferring…
Rahul Nanwani

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I touched on the topic in “How do you handle above the fold CSS?” and “Should you really compress all your initially rendered content into 14kb of data?”, but I’ll definitely should dive a little bit deeper. Is there anything specific you’re looking for? Like, is it more a list of practical steps or rather a theoretical explanation on why it is important?

Anyway, on a slightly related note, be sure to check out the new link rel=preload directive if you’re interested in speeding up the delivery of non critical assets as well. You can read my take on it in “Link Preload sounds like nothing new, why should I care?” and will post on the topic again tomorrow! :) Hope this is of any help man.

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