a strange calm

yesterday is the last day of me working in that place.

yeah, i quit. which is good. at least, for my mental.

i rejoin the old job of mine. doing research for informal houses in Jakarta, this time we got much stakeholder and big platform to turn the idea into design. the noble idea. i hope so.Gosh, i hope i dont lose my 6 month professional skill in working fast and managing everything for this one. (and start my own personal research at the same time)

anyway, the day after the storm is always calm. like peaceful calm. with a lil bit anxiety of what could possibly ruin it. a strange calm.

i cancel my trip to India, and channel it to Bangkok, alone.

sending out again my CV to some more established architecture firm with a high bid of salary proposal. i’m getting a bit picky for the job now.

probably would also start to seriously learn dancing again by joining dance school.

everything is on track, or at least getting on it. and it feel strange as i always feel like everything is in the state of chaos (even if it is not, im just overworked everything at the same time).

my headache hasn’t recovered yet. it has been a week. i got paranoid. hope everything is okay, cant spend any money for health nowadays.

and start managing money for buying a house in the future.(idk i feel a lil bit hopeless for this one).

and fixing my english, and meditate again, and diet.


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