The unconventional English class (Reflective Memo)

Reflecting on my past experiences with multiple English courses, it is pretty clear that Evan Kaiser’s English 214 class focuses more on developing the skills necessary to grow as a writer rather than practicing grammar, and punctuation. This class has a modern approach, encouraging students to practice revision and editing through the website “Eli Review” which allows us as a class to be able to suggest edits and give feedback to our peers in an accessible and instant manner. Focusing more about the importance of style, feedback and revision, we are asked to revise essays, give comments, reflect on those comments and write a stronger draft of the original essay. After taking multiple rigorous English courses, entering this class I felt confident as I felt assured that i would be able to keep up with the course and its requirements. Though I’ve had experience with revision and editing and giving other’s feedback, this course has been a personal challenge. In all sincerity, I personally disliked the idea of spending hours revising someone else’s essay when I could apply that time to my own work. It made me disengaged from the course and felt as if it was a waste of my time. However, all the feedback i have given to other’s and all the revision suggestions I have encouraged, has made me realize the importance of this work. As draining as this can be sometime, revision not only helps your peers, it also strengthens your writing and that to me is the most valuable thing. This process has allowed me to grow as a writer as well as consider the opinions of others in order to make my writing accessible to a wider audience. While at the beginning of the course I was very skeptical and hesitant about my topic and its direction, the feedback i have received has improved my overall quality of work and has made my second essay the strongest revised essay thus far.

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