The Only Time You Are Actually Growing is When You’re Uncomfortable
Thomas Oppong

Being uncomfortable is the only way you grow!

This was a great article, full of inspiring quotes and sayings. Coming from experience, there are a few things that I believe need to happen before change can occur.


I believe that before you make the decision (decision meaning that there is no other alternative then obtaining the goal you have set) you have to go through some kind of pain or suffering that ignites that spark in your brain and in your heart. Without the pain, its easy to be in denial that change is needed.


Personal growth takes MASSIVE ACTION! I feel that there are two options for action

1. Immediately change = huge discomfort all at once. Depending on what your trying to do, this might be the best way to go for some. If you stick to it, you may achieve your goal/disred outcome much quicker.

2. Gradually change = gradual discomfort. Taking this approach makes it easier to transition into your discomfort. In the long run, its not as painful as going all in, all at once. Some say this is the best way to go, because whatever it is your doing, it lets you adapt to your discomfort at your own pace. The only downside I see to this is that it takes a lot longer. In some cases, you need to see progress/results as quickly as possible to continue enduring the discomfort. You might not have the time to take things slow, especially if your life depends on what your trying to change/goal.


(do it on Monday), (do it on Tuesday), (do it on Wednesday), (do it on Thursday), (do it on Friday), (do it on Saturday), (do it on Sunday)


As your taking action and in a constant state of discomfort, your environment has to be supportive of your discomfort. It’s going to be hard. A helpful tip is to listen to encouraging podcasts, music, and people to help you keep your sanity through your times of insanity (discomfort). Through your environment and the positive messages your constantly processing, you will begin to reprogram your brain.


As your making your journey through your discomfort, eventually you will get comfortable with it. Our brains are always trying to do the least amount of work, hence were struggling to get out of our comfort zones. Once your discomfort becomes comfortable, it is time to reasses what your goals were, and maybe make new goals. If your not making the progress you thought you would be, you need to re-evaluate your goals and maybe break down that big goal into smaller micro-goals.

I am very passionate about personal development. I’m someone that practices what I preach, hence the reason I started writing in the first place (more about that here). I have been through tons of trials and tribulations and have a good amount of experience in this area. This article has definitely resonated with me, as you can tell by the length of my response. Thank you for Thomas Oppong for sharing this article.

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