Nintendo’s Pokémon GO Wins with Technology and Nostalgia
Gary Vaynerchuk

Nintendo Has Us By The Childhood

I have mad love and respect for Gary Vaynerchuk and everything he does for his community/The Vaynernation. Yes from a business stand point, Pokemon Go is awesome and its doing some major things right. From a video game company stand point, Nintendo is messing up left and right. Here is what they need to fix NOW!

  1. You sold a lot of Nintendo Switches, great…now where are the virtual console games? This whole thing about NES classic and now SNES classic shouldn’t replace virtual console games, but for a time being they probably will. Of course they are not going to release VC games for another couple of month due to the SNES classic coming out. The demand is high for VC!
  2. Fix your manufacturing problems and supply enough games, consoles, amiibos for the demand that is out there. Nintendo knows their products sell out within minutes, why can’t they ever meet the demand?
  3. Create a streamline account for players like they have for PSN and Xbox Live. How many times do we have to download Super Mario World for the SNES? We did it on the Wii, Wii U, 3DS, now switch? We should have only paid for it once, and have access to it on all of our devices.

There is so much BS that Nintendo puts their 30+ year fans through, its incredible! Any other companies would have gone out of business a long time ago for doing the things that Nintendo does. For some reason Nintendo always gets a pass, we’re all suckers!

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