Many times, when we consider love, we think of its benefits. We desire it, for we know that in some way it will change us, perhaps creating an other-world happiness within us. Our end with love is ultimately ourselves. To somehow bring us something. In time, we realize that even the ones we love greatly, or have fond feelings for, are human. They have these tendencies and habits that get on our nerves and bring us grief in some way or another. Since our end is ourselves, and we have not obtained the happiness we thought we would receive, we begin to doubt that we love, and we begin to lose the feeling of happiness entirely.
Real love is this, but it goes deeper. It goes beyond working for our own benefit and pleasure to a deep intimate desire for the other to experience happiness. When we love, the circumstances that cause us grief also create a motive to press into sacrifice. We begin to serve the other with selfless grace, never needing the other, but always laying down our lives for their sake. 
For us humans, this is quite the impossible task. We are not easily able to love another without the benefit they may give to us, for we need love. We need this kind of selflessness shown to us in order to ever begin to want to share this with another. The reason- we don’t have love within our being sovereignly. We were created to need this love, like we were created to need the air we breathe. 
If we think about air for a minute, we can consider how it works. We take in oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. Our breath gives the trees the air it needs, and their release imparts to us the air we need. It is like a circle of influence.
In the same way, us humans need love. Perhaps we receive love from someone close or far, then we impart love in a different form to perhaps a completely different other. They then may pass on this breath to one in their circle of influence. 
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. He created man, then breathed in him the breath of life. This creator was the being who began the circle of influence. He began the dependency that we have upon each other, yet He has no dependency within Himself. 
Many occasions, when we think of loving God, we believe He needs our love. We consider Him to be somewhat needy, like us, and in order to love Him we place huge burdens upon us and the others so that in some way we might please God. We find ourselves plunging into our dry wells to give God a drop of our sand. 
The message of the Gospel is quite opposite to this thought. The message of the Gospel states in utter selflessness, that God is love. Within God, dwells everything for life. From Him, we receive all things for life. Our creator has no need for our love, yet has poured upon us His endless blessings since the beginning of time. In and within Himself is in completeness all things needful for life. He has begun the circle of influence and will complete it, apart from all of our toiling. 
As we go to Him, we are given the breath we need to breathe out again.

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