Waiting is resting.

As of late, I have been increasingly interested in the meaning of “wait”. To say my heart is of want would say little of the state of my person-hood the last several months. If I were completely honest, I would say, in truth, that I have thought of marriage and the security of my future often.

The last year I have been preparing for a time of commitment overseas. I have hoped greatly for a friend to walk beside me in the venture. In my quiet times I have dwelt often in the Psalms. There has seemed to be a continual theme throughout my devotions of waiting, trusting and looking to my Father King.

Often, I have wondered what this really means. It seems so easy to encourage others to “trust in the Lord,” but man, when it comes down to it, boy do I struggle with it.

As time has progressed this past Spring and Summer, with hopes budding and never seeming to break out, I’ve begun to see that waiting is resting.

Never will I see in fullness the outcome of my life here on Earth. In Hebrews, I read that Abraham looked to God and trusted that He would fulfill His promises to him. Hebrews states that Abraham actually died before God fulfilled everything He had promised, yet Abraham believed God, and it was “counted to him as righteousness.” Wow, when I think of that, am I grateful, for from this promise I have been redeemed!

So, waiting is resting. Right now, I can’t see how God will do what He has promised to me, but I can rest and live fully in the present, knowing that He will fulfill His goodness completely toward me, for His glory, despite whatever anxiety and fear I have as time goes on.

I’ve also begun to to glimpse the truth that God has been working in the world and in my heart before I even existed. He really does not need me at all, yet as the Creator of the Universe, He has brought me forth and chosen me out of His great love and glory! This is so freeing! Nothing I can do will mess up His sovereign will. Wow, am I grateful. My King, our King, has called me His own, and He will finish His work in my life. From this truth, I have greater peace, I can live joyfully in Christ, knowing everything I am is already His.

Now, as I think of marriage, or missions, or what my career path is destined to be, I have the strength and rest to do everything I do for the glory of God, for it is Christ who works in me, and this makes me happy.


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