I am getting tired of hearing Durant being criticized for “chasing a ring” or jumping on the bandwagon.

Maybe KD’s decision had as much to do with wanting to play with joy on an unselfish, passing, free flowing team that all like each other as much as it had to do with rings!

Maybe Durant saw how much fun the warriors had playing together, heard Anderson V’s comments about the “love” in the locker room and the difference of culture from his former team.

Maybe he saw a team that made more passes than any other in the league and compared it to his current team with the fewest. Maybe he saw a team where everyone from the owner to the coach to the equipment mgr treated everyone inclusively and dealt straight and was upfront about their intentions.

Maybe he had already forged long term friendships with high character players that shared his faith and that he wanted to finish his career with.

Maybe he was tired of working for a lying right-wing cheapskate of an owner.

And maybe he could do all that and be on one of the greatest teams of all time. How can anyone criticize that?