Patient Engagement is Critical to the Future of Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a worldwide emergency. Evidence supports that a good control of diabetes, particularly, but not only, of glycemia can avoid the appearance of complications. There are, today, a lot of new drugs and new devices which can help the management of diabetes. The technology is very advanced and the close loop for the management of type 1 diabetes is at the horizon.

Involve the people

However, despite the availability of more and more new tools, the optimization of diabetes control remains a big challenge.

As any chronic disease, diabetes requires the strong engagement not only of the professionals dedicated to his treatment, but particularly of the same people with the disease. The empowerment of people with diabetes is the modern key to really battle the disease. Diabetes management may require a continuous adjustment of the therapeutic strategy.

So what is hindering the progress

Several barriers exist to reach and maintain this goal:

– The time available for professionals to be dedicated to the patients;

– Consequently, the rapidity to adjust or change the therapy;

– The need, when a problem is rising, to reach the professional (doctor, nurse, etc.) to obtain in real time the needed advices.

In this way, real-time connectivity between people with the disease and the health professionals is the best perspective for the future. It can allow patients to reach the health care professional when needed, in real time, and to receive the advices to face the actual problem. On the other side, the health care professionals, managing in real time the problems which can be solved by remote in several patients, can allocate more time for who really need to be visited.

Is this a dream? In my opinion is just the reality which we already have at the horizon.

So what do you think about patient engagement? How can we all improve the diabetes management? What challenges and opportunities do you see?

Please leave your comments below. Thanks for your contribution!

Professor Antonio Ceriello — Medical Director

Mendor — the new diabetes movement

Originally published at on June 9, 2015.

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