A walk through the journey of luxury shopping malls in India

In the yester years, there was a time when people would spend their time outdoors to make sure that they got enough time to their selves and did not have to get bored at home. As time passed, the demands and lifestyles changed and people started to give more preference to staying indoors. The change in climatic conditions and the rise in pollution levels did not help in reversing the preferences. More people preferred to use cars in place of walking or using public transport and that is when the things really changed.

This is also the time, when Indians were introduced to the concept of shopping malls and we had our own small versions of market places that started to get built in enclosed spaces. The malls had taken birth and were here to stay. Come scorching heat, hail or sunshine, people always had a place to hang out and this is a trend that encouraged the making of luxury shopping malls.

The early years

Luxury in shopping malls was when the rows of stores in a building got moved to larger spaces. The common spaces were well designed to make more space for window shopping, creating a unique experience for the visitors.

Beating the heat

The visitors shifted from going out shopping for their needs to going out shopping for the fun of it. If not for anything else, the youngsters wanted to chill out in the cool and spacious interiors and the parents needed a safe space for their wards to run around in.

Acquiring of taste

A shift in shopping practices was also seen along with other things and more and more people went to the best shopping malls because they had acquired a taste for branded and quality items. Buying brands from malls became a regular trend.

One stop destination

It was soon realised that a mall that is well-built and equipped can become a one stop destination for all your needs. This is when people started to visit malls for food, shopping, entertainment and even to just kill time.

The modern face

If you are well with the trend of mall hopping, you may have found yourself asking the question, “Where can I find a luxury mall near me”; this is something that is a common question. People in the modern times need spaces that are a good mix of the contemporary as well as the classic and the best malls give them just that.