Get leather shoes from tods sale India

All the varieties of men’s footwear shoes need cleaning, brushing & polishing. They also need techniques for removing dampness, creating resistance to water and giving final touches for enhancing the gleam over the entire outer surface of the shoes.

Cleaning: For full-grain leather shoes from brands like Tods Mumbai, you must use a dry cloth to clean the surface of the leather. After that, dampen the cloth with warm water and once again wipe gently. Further leave them at room temperature to dry. Don’t make use of devices like a drier to dry your leather shoes. In these varieties of leather shoes you must always use a cleaner after wiping it off with the dry cloth. Use of a milk shampoo or soap for those with the patent leather surface may seem ideal. This can be followed by applying a cleaner in order to produce best results. For suede and nubuck leather, use a rubber eraser to remove the dirt and then use a goat hair-brush to gently clean the entire surface.

Brushing: There are different brushes available for brushing off the dirt from your Tods shoes. Usually the brushes made using goat hair, boar’s hair or the horse hair are used for the purpose of cleaning of the leather shoes. Since the boar hair tends to be stiffer than horse hair, you can first brush off the dirt using the boar hair brush. After all the visible dirt has been wiped off, use horse hair brush. Lastly use the goat hair brush. This is tender and very soft in the bristles. Avoid brushing continuously in one direction as this may hamper the shoe body. If you don’t change directions, the shoes will lose the natural luster.

Polishing: This is the technique used to make the shoes glitter. If you choose the apt polish, your shoes can become naturally water resistant. Don’t use toxic polish or heavily waxed as they may affect the life of your shoes. To ensure that the shoes are water resistant, use of Sodium Bentonitein is ideal.

Further, protect the shoes with cedar trees when you are not using them. Cedar tree leaves will absorb the moisture content from the shoes. Using cedar shoe trees can increase the life of your shoes by 30%. Always put shoe trees in your shoes when you are not wearing them. Branded shoes come pricey so ensuring due care for them is important. However, in order to get these branded shoes at a little less cost, you also shop for tods on sale India from several online portals. Do ensure that the portal you choose is genuine.