Writing in Third Person

Third-person view

Without interactions with characters in either a film or the real world, there is nothing different from a standing still camera in a film studio. Actually cameras are justing mimicking human eyes. So to a certain extent, eyes are cameras embedded into human body which is thought to be a camera stand capable of walking, while this world is a vast film studio where everyone is a character, getting involved in an always on-going scene without stop.

When people say personal things to friends or public their own stories for strangers, I think more or less there is always something hidden behind the scene. We all have secrets kept away from even family. A confidant is invaluable, which, in other words, means extremely rare. Therefore, most of secrets have no chance to get exposure to the wind and the Sun and even are forgotten.

I do want to expose my heart to the Sun but also wouldn’t like to be too explicit or be a liar. As a result, it could be an optimal option that writing in third person. You must hear before that someone told a story about his friend. Maybe he founded Fight Club together his friend. In that film, he is not fighting against his friend but fight against himself. His friend’s story is just his own story. Similarly, many writers write novels based on their own stories and experiences. Usually the reality, the truth, is so plain, so real. So meanwhile, writers also mix some extra imaginations with raw stories.

I can give it a go that use writing in third person to divert my attention and less focus on myself and reality. A following question is that so many third persons are out there and which I should select. Lemon and lemony were come up just since I came to Sydney, while Rango has accompanied me for a long long time since the second year of my senior high school. RANGO…