Date idea

Meet at the BART station.

Each person stands at opposite ends of the platform and enters the train [must agree to get on same train of course] from where they are.

So, each person is now in a train car at opposite ends.

They must walk through the train cars, looking for each other until they meet in one of the middle cars. This introduces some fear and uncertainty, there are strangers staring at you. At a certain point, you are not even sure how many cars you have passed through, because the anxiety of doing this in front of strangers slows down time.

The feeling of walking through different cars evokes the feelings of passing through alternate dimensions. Each car looks substantially identical, but is populated with different faces. As you approach the transparent doors between cars, you see through the portal as the alternate universe shakes and turns. It is also a bit nerve wracking when going through the doors. Rarely does anyone pass through these, so everyone on the train looks at you like you are crazy, but maybe you’re just a dimension traveler!

After this journey, passing through portals, you get a little antsy, hoping you will see your date, ‘your love’, the only familiar face among these worlds. Reuniting feels good and serendipitous. And if the participants so choose, they can really embrace and dramatize their reunion which creates nice feelings for the other passengers.

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