free brain scan

People often tell me they don’t understand my brain. I think I have a lot of oddities, so it is hard to know if my weirdness stems from one, or from the collective effort of all these odd things, or if maybe they all have some common root.

  • left-handed
  • biracial — In a society where people usually know right where they belong and how to fulfill social expectations, growing up biracial opens up a different understanding of social situations
  • nothing about my face is symmetrical —In a world where we have scientifically proven that traditional beauty stems from symmetry, this creates a weird shift for me. My eyes have different eyelids, my jaw is crooked because my teeth have always been crooked, which has resulted in a crooked nose and smile, my hairline parts on my left side, and my left (dominant) eyebrow is higher than my right, possibly because that is the eyebrow I always raise when questioning something. I also have asymmetrical, oddly shaped feet.
  • general social issues — my dad displays a lot of traits from the group of characteristics that define people with Asperger’s, many of which were passed down to me. I attribute a lot of weirdness to this, but I have never been officially diagnosed with anything, so it could be imagined.

Anyway, I am having my brain scanned for free on Sunday afternoon as part of a research experiment and I am curious what will come of it. Maybe there is something distinct about my brain that I will be able to share with people. I hope I will get a copy or two of my brain.

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