Since Locus Map 4.5.6 / Locus Classic 3.56.4, the setup of custom themes changed and I would like to sum all possible options and information in a single place.

1. How to create it

Important is to decide if a…

Control of Locus Map over MacroDroid is also a piece of cake … if you know how.


We already covered Locus Actions in the previous post, also it’s usage with Tasker application. This post will try to bring some light to the usage of this nice feature with the cooperation…

Locus Map & NFC cooperation is definitely not dead.


NFC system started it’s a bigger boom in ~2014, when Google and Apple added bigger support for NFC payments and all this stuff around. It was the same year when I’ve added basic support for NFC into Locus Map application.


… how to be geeky with Locus Map application


Let’s start with a hypothetical situation. You sit on the bike and now wants to enable certain recording profile, start map rotation, start GPS itself and so on. How to do it quickly without wasting a few minutes of changing old…

Jiří Mlavec

Person responsible for own life … in all cases. And partially also for beings in my range. As everyone …

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