Action tasks: MacroDroid

Jiří Mlavec
1 min readJul 4, 2019


Control of Locus Map over MacroDroid is also a piece of cake … if you know how.


We already covered Locus Actions in the previous post, also it’s usage with Tasker application. This post will try to bring some light to the usage of this nice feature with the cooperation with MacroDroid application.

How to: MacroDroid

1. Preparation

2. Create a MacroDroid macro

  • open MacroDroid > tap Add Macro
  • tab Triggers > MacroDroid Specific > Empty Trigger
  • tab Actions > Connectivity > Send Intent

Specify necessary parameters

  • Target: Broadcast
  • Action:
  • Package: (or for Locus Map Pro)
  • Extra1
  • name: tasks
  • value: { preset: { action: "start", name: "Bike" }, track_record: { action: "start", name: "Biking" } }
  • Ok to confirm defined action
  • bottom + fab button to confirm macro
  • set metadata and confirm your new macro

3. Usage

There exist many methods of how to use defined action.

  • simple test: long click on an action in the list > Test actions.
  • profi usage: modify macro and define own specific Trigger.



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