Build your own voice-controlled karaoke station.

The Snips console empowers you to create voice assistants that can hear, understand, and react to your demands. Today we’ll explore how to set up and use a karaoke voice assistant on a Raspberry Pi. This karaoke app will be able to scan at your video files, list them back to you, and understand commands such as “let’s sing Billie Jean” or “I want to hear some Eminem”. It will also allow you to control the video playback through voice instructions!

The following walkthrough doesn’t require any technical knowledge beyond accessing your computer terminal and executing commands from there. …

Your favorite platform for creating chatbots or voice assistants (like provides you with a way of understanding a user’s demand and extract its intent together with its arguments. This makes for a huge step in your project of creating an automated assistant that serves your interests. It still lacks of a crucial element: a brain. How to teach your assistant the reactions it needs to have when facing a demand? …

Mennad Yami

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