Losing My Religion.. Literally

Back in November 2013, it was estimated that up to 3 million Egyptians were atheists; however, there is no official figure for irreligion. Growing up in an Islamic country is supposed to make you a faithful believer by nature with no questioning whatsoever..

Rule no1: Don’t ask questions. period.

So believers here in Egypt, specially Muslims, always claim that they respect other people’s beliefs -a small number of them sincerely do-, at the same time, they believe that anyone who’s not a Muslim is doomed, and guaranteed an eternal hell…. Well, fine… Muslims who rage against Trump’s ban, a stupid drawing of their prophet,a girl who was a victim of discrimination because of her Hijab, will totally support and advocate arresting, torturing and jailing atheists, never mind that the punishment for apostasy in Islam is execution…literally.. no kidding..

Rule no2. Everyone is going straight to hell… except for Muslims

The thing is believers here think that people who choose atheism are stupid ass fuckers who decide to take the easy way out instead of reading, researching and understanding the religion they were born with, to them it’s like you wake up one day, bored, feeling lazy to pray and want to have sex before marriage and BAAAM you go atheist!

They can’t and don’t want to understand that atheism is a journey, no one simply goes atheist, it’s a very painful journey actually specially for people who grew up in conservative families; atheists do their research, they do their homework better than anyone till they finally come to peace with what their brains reached; it’s not a one day thingie.. it’s a long road of discovery that can take years..

No one abandons the religion they grew up with for the drinking or sex.. just saying..

Rule no3. Atheists are stupid fuckers who drink and sex all the time

Last but not least, Atheists don’t hate God nor worship Satan, because simply you can’t worship or hate something you don’t really believe in; atheists aren’t bad people either, they don’t kill for fun or fuck their sisters. Yea, and they haven’t discovered the theory of everything yet, so when you ask who created the universe, they don’t know, and a believer’s book isn’t a reliable nor credible source.. A book isn’t a proof of anything, so you can’t really argue with a non believer using your book only.. if you are talking science, they will be more than happy to listen.

Rule no4. Don’t be an atheist..