It can be argued that realizing privacy in online transactions is one of the killer apps for crypto and blockchain technology. This is why people are keen to learn more about Monero, MimbleWimble, Wasabi wallet and Coinjoin, and other fancy math that enables privacy.

When it comes to user experience, Wasabi wallet is currently one of the best wallets to have some degree of privacy in BTC transactions. It has seen a quick growth in adoption with about 34000 BTC made fungible since its launch in 1 August 2018. It is only available for desktops and looks like this:

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Wasabi Wallet’s Interface

Enter Flarewallet, which does not only allow private BTC transactions but also ETH, LTC and NIX. It should look like…

Privacy has gained increasingly more attention in society. The data scandal of Facebook and the data mining efforts of Google are arguably pretty creepy. Now that payments are increasingly done through our phones, via Apple Pay for instance, tech giant are also collecting information about our economic behavior. What if there would be a new type of privacy protocol that would anonymize some or all of your online transactions? Enter NIX.

NIX Platform is building a set of privacy tools that enables any blockchain project or decentralized application to implement “layered optional privacy” in transactions and interactions.

The privacy toolkit, named the ‘Ghost Protocol’, should offer “truly anonymous and decentralized transfer of assets for the cross-chain era” (source). It might be an impressive statement, but what does it mean? …

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Yes, blockchain phones are a thing (source)

So there have been several examples of companies making ‘blockchain-ready’ phones. To gain a better understanding about what this means, this article is meant to discuss the possibilities of implementing blockchain technologies in smartphones.

Let’s start of with three examples:

Pundi X XPhone

This company offers a phone for their blockchain-based payment ecosystem. …


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