We need to talk creepy.

You see right now, I'm being haunted.

Think of it as “the ghost of owners past.”

For the last couple of days, there's been whistling. Very very human sounding whistling. Nobody in the house does it that's human.

This is where I point out us humans are outnumbered round these parts.

There's only the two of us. Versus the four feathered, 1 furry, and I'm not even going to get into all the wildlife we coexist with: if I'm not paying to feed it, does it count?

So yeah, whistling. To no particular tune whatsoever there is whistling that is distinctly tuneful.

Now it's a rather polite haunting, as I've heard it say thank you in Italian.

It's also rather hungry, as I've heard it ask for strawberries.

I'm asking for a strategy of coexistence.

How do I exist in the same space as someone who doesn't exist anymore?

Should I learn to whistle?