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Why is it that women discover broad shoulders on guys attractive?

Because wide shoulders suggest strength, valor, and also virility.


It is humanity to view good looks based on the characteristics we most want in a mate.

Turns out that there is in fact a science behind the best male body measurements.

Discover exactly how to develop your perfect physique.

The Divine Proportion

Phi (Φ = 1.618 …) is the number referred to as the magnificent proportion.

It is also referred to as the Golden Ratio or Golden Mean1.

Like pi (pi= 3.14 …), phi is an unreasonable number, i.e. it takes place forever.

Two quantities are said to be in magnificent percentage if their amount divided by the larger amount is equal to the larger amount divided by the smaller sized quantity.

In written form it resembles this:

People have found out about phi a very long time. In truth, engineers as well as carvers have actually been integrating it into their job considering that the BC era2.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Guy is an illustration based on the Golden Ratio.

It is additionally no coincidence that phi takes place throughout nature3.

There is a specific value to this number and it need to be of not a surprise that it additionally figures in establishing what body percentages we locate most attractive.

*Women could inspect out exactly how the gold proportion connections into the excellent female body.

Phi In The Human Body

If you take the size of your arm (from lower arm to idea of the hand) and also divide it by the length of your forearm, you will certainly obtain a number very near 1.618. Phi occurs in other components of the body also like the feet, face, as well as torso4.

It is common practice for plastic cosmetic surgeons to try and bring the proportions of the face more detailed to phi5.

The golden ratio is an exemplification of symmetry.

As people we are configured to seek, love, as well as create symmetry.

There are two methods to change your body’s percentages (four if you count surgical procedure as well as making use of unethical substances) in order to bring them closer to this suitable:

  • Diet — Having a diet regimen that remains in a calorie deficiency, yet complete in terms of required vitamins and minerals.

Sculptors in ancient Greece were renown for their job in the depiction of the perfect man body.

Eugen Sandow, though you may not have actually become aware of him, is a strong guy from the 1800s thought about the father of modern bodybuilding.

Sandow really established out to determine old Greek sculptures and established a formula for the best body called ‘The Grecian Perfect’.

Sandow took place to construct his percentages to match the dimensions of his Grecian Ideal6.

Pictured below are Eugen Sandow as well as a Greek sculpture from the Classic Era called Doryphoros.

workout routines

Doryphoros was assembled by the renown Greek carver Polykleitos as an exemplification of exactly what he took into consideration:

the completely unified as well as balanced proportions of the body in the shaped form7.

How To Obtain The Perfect Male Body

Step 1. Ask yourself why.

The first inquiry you should ask on your own prior to establishing out on any kind of endeavour is:

‘ Why do I wish to achieve this goal?’

In this instance your objective is to construct your ideal body.

Is it since you want an increase in self-worth?

Is it since you wish to become extra appealing to the contrary sex?

Is it since you desire respect from the individuals that called you chubby?

Why do you want this?

When your ‘why’ is strong sufficient, you will certainly always take best activity to your goals.

When your ‘why’ is not solid enough, you will certainly locate excuses for not taking best action.

Step 2. Establish SMART goals to raise the likelihood of success.

SMART is an acronym that means specific, measurable, possible, results focused, and time bound.


A basic objective is ‘I wish to obtain in shape.’

A details goal is ‘I will obtain a fitness center membership as well as workout 4 times a week.’


The measurable side of points will certainly come down to things like:

  • How many inches do I wish to contribute to my shoulders?


Don’ t established out to try as well as go down 30 extra pounds of fat in one month. This is just not achievable as well as you will come to be demotivated.

Instead, set goals that you can see yourself attaining in the close to future.

For example:

Lose 1 pound a week.

Results Focused

Don’ t just depend on the mirror for results.

Keep track of your progress by taking before/after pictures, weighing yourself, and gauging your midsection as soon as a week.

Time Bound

In how long do you intend on achieving your objective? Keep a deadline.

I discover 12-weeks to be an excellent time framework for body transformation.

Step 3. Figure Out a Plan.

You have a why solid sufficient and also a clear vision of what you desire to achieve.

Next up is determining how you can make that vision a reality.

Answer questions like:

  • What workouts will your exercises include?

Step 4. Execute.

This will be an issue of following up with your strategy day in and also day out, whether you seem like it or not.

The Perfect Male Body Workout

Getting closer to your ideal measurements will certainly involve 2 crucial elements:

  • Increasing the size of your top body.

These 2 dimensions function as the structure of the perfect male physique.

Adding inches to your shoulders will certainly come down to your workout plan.

Decreasing your waist will greatly come down to your diet and also cardio.

One you determine just what your excellent measurements are you will certainly have a clear understanding regarding exactly what body components you ought to focus on.



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