Useful Tips When Wearing Father And Son Matching Tuxedos

Father And Son Matching Tuxedos

It’s important to understand the difference between a tuxedo and a suit early in life. Some boys never learn the physical and non-tangible differences between suits and tuxedos until they need to wear a tuxedo for the first time. There are also exceptions to tuxedo wearing rules, and boys should know the exceptions before they hit puberty. In order to wear a tuxedo the right way, boys must recognize the subtle, and the obvious physical differences between a black suit and a black tuxedo.

The obvious physical difference between a suit and a tuxedo is the satin that covers the buttons, and the pocket trim as well as the satin that covers the lapels. There is also a side stripe of satin down the left of tuxedo pants. Suits don’t have any satin unless the suit is satin. The buttons on a suit are usually plastic, or they are covered with the same fabric as the suit. Some of the newer tuxedo styles have thin satin trim on the lapels and just a bead of satin down the pant leg. Satin is the primary physical difference, and the first tip for boys that want to wear father and son matching tuxedos. But there are always exceptions to the satin rule.

There are other physical differences, and they come into play when appropriate accessories are mentioned. For most modern formal functions like a wedding, wearing the appropriate accessories with a tuxedo vs. a suit are a little blurred. But if a father and his son wear matching tuxedos to a modern wedding, it’s common to wear long ties and a vest with their tuxedos these days. Wearing long ties instead of a bow tie, and wearing a vest instead of a cummerbund or waistcoat does cross the line into suit accessory territory, but the long tie and vest give the tuxedo a fresh look.

There are tuxedo exceptions that don’t have satin trim. The main exception is the “Tropical Black Tie Tux.” The tropical black tie tuxedo is actually a white dinner jacket, black accessories, white turn-down collar shirt, and black pants. The jacket only has one front button, a self-shawl lapel, and self-flap front pockets. The white dinner jacket tuxedo is not the best choice when a dad and his son want to wear father and son matching tuxedos. Tuxedos in other colors are good choices when a dad and his son wear matching tuxedos. But wearing a different color tux depend on the occasion.