Does the motive really matter? Following San Bernardino, are we still hearing anything about the Colorado shooting the week before? Were those in Colorado less terrorized? Is there any difference in the death of the people or the loss to their families in either case? No. So why do we spend so much time debating motive? Why do we really get mired in debating the motive behind one shooting, but conveniently stop exploring the motive behind another? Why don’t we focus on what really brings us back to this table every-single-time?

It does not matter at all what the motive was? There are a million reasons why people commit these heinous acts that we will never be able to understand. But what we do understand is that the common denominator is that they had unfettered access to high powered weapons. Where is our common decency? Where is our common humanity? Why does it matter why someone did it more than how they were able to do it? It doesn’t. In each shooting those who died paid the ultimate price for our nation living in constant fear. Each of the human beings who are no longer with us mattered.