How to Stop Procrastinating And Get Work Done |Tips.

Best Ways To Avoid Procrastination

Hello there, here now 💊

Do you know that people who procrastinate is very very PASSIVE in relationship with their mind?

📛 The procrastinator habitually develops important emotional alterations such as anxiety, frustration, hostility, apathy, resentment…


🚀 Let me explain first ONE THING… All psychological disturbances have in common a “ distortion of thought”, which directly influences your emotional state and your behavior.

This is why from Mental Engineering perspective is KEY to understand how you build the architecture of your thoughts everyday, every NOW. The way in how you interpret your circumstances and the beliefs you have developed about yourself, other people and the world in general is SO IMPORTANT.

Irrational beliefs?!?! When the interpretations or beliefs are illogical, little empirical ( not based on objective and verifiable data) and hard the achievement of the objectives established by the person. This doesn´t mean that the person doesn´t reason, but that they reason wrong, since they reach wrong conclusions.

The beliefs of life of a person, as well as the evaluation process of different events and life circumstances may be conscious or unconscious, although they are generally unconscious, automatic and present as the most implied rules of the person and the world.

Procrastination is when the person generated by himself his emotional alterations and this counterproducing behaviors

The person is responsible for what they THINK, FEEL AND DO.

IF you want to stop procrastinating, feel better and achieve the life goals that have been set for yourself, it is highly recommended that you start examining your way of thinking, your interpretations and judgements of yourself, of others, and of others but above all , that you work actively to do it rational.

Wanna key tips for you to understand how you are linked to your thinking process?

  1. Stop being passive. Use the verbs in the right way. Let´s say one example ok? a. Those life goals that have been set for myself (passive sentence).
  2. Identify the setences you think or you talk and write them down.
  3. Change from passive to active way. b. I set my life goals.
  4. Identify the emotions on your body on passive sentence and active sentence.

Well, now it´s time to practice and for more details follow me. Let me know how you are evolving. And the changes you have made applying these golden rules.




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