Are People with “Aspergers” and “Autism” Our Cassandras ? : “Neurodiversity”

Have you heard of the ancient Cassandra story or myth where a young woman has the gift of prophecy and is able to see things others are not but she cannot tell her story convincingly, she will not be believed ? She forsees the destruction of Troy but is unable to prevent it because no one will listen. She is silenced. Her speech is taken.

Silencing and knowing things that are unspeakable is a feature of being on the bottom of a hierarchy. The force of the hierarchy requires and legislates that you must deny and forces you into the denial of the truth in order to survive. It’s not just an “inability” to communicate, it is also an emotional and social force that shuts people up. By talking when society does not want to hear what they have to say they risk social rejection and at the end of the day death. We are almost as dependent on social bonds for our health and staying alive as we are on food and water, so victims have to “shut up” to survive in a sense. People may want to talk, but they also want to survive and be safe and that primal need for survival to stay alive can make us also want to be silent, their needs are “in conflict”.

Why is it that people with “aspergers” or “autism” have as one of their “symptoms” a difficulty communicating, the same difficulty that so many trauma survivors and underdogs have ? Given what we know about how power can silence and shut people up and forbid them from speaking, doesn’t it make sense to question diagnoses like autism and aspergers in which people have “communication difficulties” and include an analysis of power and hierarchies in these ? It makes complete sense that someone would not be able to speak if they have been silenced from talking about the most intense events in their life. What else is there to speak about ? This is not a disorder or problem with them, it’s a normal reaction.

Has something been done to silence autism and aspergers sufferers ?

Remember Maya Angelou’s story about how after she was raped as a child she couldn’t speak for seven years ? What if sufferers of aspergers and autism could have much the same problem ?

No one knows what is done to very young children, how high the rates of abuse could be. (I read once that many child fatal mishaps like child poisonings or drownings could actually be child suicides but we have no way of knowing. We assume that the child didn’t know that they were “hurting themselves” but we don’t know how many could have known). They can’t talk or communicate to tell us, and trauma could shut them down from talking even more. It could shut them down from talking EVER. It could silence them. No one knows what the real cause of “autism” or “aspergers” is. It might not be vaccines but it could also be something else that is against the general accepted cause or theory. In fact if it is child abuse in some cases this would explain the anger and emotion and “refusal to listen to logic” in so many anti vaccine crusaders. While they may not have the truth, their emotions and outrage may be valid.

Maybe this seems like a lot of “coulds” and conjectures on my part but recently a review article was published highlighting similarities in “symptoms” of anorexia (which is fairly well recognized as a part of “PTSD” and one of the sequelae of trauma and being on the bottom of a hierarchy) and autism. So it appears that “autism” is looking a lot more like an effect of trauma to experts.