Is it Depression or Oppression ?

I am tired of people criticizing sufferers of depression who have survived violence and trauma. We feel depressed and not good because people WANT us to feel bad and did things to make us feel bad. Our feelings are a logical and legitimate response. We’re not crazy, we’re reacting exactly as our abusers calculated for us to respond and hurt. We hurt because they hurt us. Yes sufferers of depression hurt and it is a particular state human experience to have this constellation of feelings and reactions (it’s a relief in a certain sense to know that other people have felt the same and you’re not crazy) but there is nothing wrong with sufferers for having these feelings and reactions. And also we should not be blamed or held responsible for a situation that other people intentionally created and put us in. We should not be given the responsibility for a situation that other people intentionally created and wanted to create. That (calling us disordered) is victim blaming.

After an instance or multiple instances of abuse and violence (including humiliation) what do you expect the survivor to be, happy ? The aim of the abuse was exactly to erase their happiness. If you have a problem with victims being unhappy, go and talk to the perpetrators of the violence whose idea it was to MAKE them unhappy and who are still out there making more people unhappy. Focusing on victims’ “depression” and survivors’ “mental health issues” takes the focus off of those who are continually creating the problem and want to create the problems of classism, economic oppression, war, racism, sexism, bullying and oppression of women all of which require violence to create and maintain the oppression and hierarchy. Once attention is diverted onto us the oppressed, it is diverted away from the real cause and addressing the cause.

This is what an oppressed person looks like.

When someone is depressed yes they may have problems enforcing boundaries, standing up for themselves, feeling pride in themselves, caring for themselves and thinking of themselves as equal to you and if you are trying to oppress someone, this is exactly what you want! You want them to feel so beaten down and awful about themselves that they do not fight back. You want them to be so beaten down that they have problems are fearful or ashamed to enforce boundaries. Survivors feel that way and have these problems not because they are crazy, but because someone specifically set out and calculated to make them feel and react this way.

They did not want us to feel good. They did not want us to love ourselves. They want us to beat ourselves up. They did not want us to do self care. And they are continually trying to make us feel depressed.

They are literally accomplishing their objective and getting exactly what they carefully calculated for and then we are being blamed as if we created it. This is absurd. This is literally adding insult to injury and it needs to stop.