The Roach Messengers

Recently I had a problem with cockroaches in my home. Not such a lovely type as the one pictured above, but the pesky, annoying type that seem to crawl out of spaces at the most inconvenient times just to get your heart rate elevated!

So I called upon a professional to help me rid of these loathsome little beasts which surprisingly brought to me an inspiring, synchronistic message. The man who came to extinguish the roaches had a very interesting story for me…..

I am currently researching the connection between spiritual awakening and psychosis. I have been following and studying the works of Stanislav Grof and his understanding of the healing affects of heightened states of consciousness that occur through psychedelics or organic states of psychosis. Somehow I got to speaking about this research of mine with the “bug guy” and interestingly he shared with me an experience of his own that could not have been more perfect of a correlation.

He explained that many years ago while taking LSD he had an interaction with a young man diagnosed with schizophrenia. He said this interaction was very profound due to the fact that they both were communicating on a higher level of conscious awareness and they both could telepathically recognize one another even without words. He said it was like they “saw each other”.

WOW! This was great confirmation to what I have already been reading in regards to Spiritual Emergency and holotropic states of consciousness. Stanislav Grof used LSD to create a psychedelic experience so that he could understand non ordinary states of consciousness better. These states are often labeled psychosis or mania in psychiatric terms. So it was amazing to learn that “my bug guy” had experienced himself such a similar awareness of consciousness as this well revered, transpersonal psychiatrist.

And as for those roaches….they brought me a specific message:

“Cockroaches have many benefits to the planet and are important spiritual messengers. There message is AUTHENTICITY because they don’t hide who they are or what they do. They just get on with their lives whether you approve of them or not.” ~Sarah Yip

This message was so important for me at this time as I embark upon a journey of sharing openly and engaging in this dialogue. I know this experience may be vulnerable to criticism or ridicule, but I will not be stopped! I will be authentic and share my Truth because this is when I feel most alive, and this is what I came here to do!

These roaches actually came to illuminate and confirm the direction of my path. They brought me a story that validates my ideas about the connection between “mental illness” and spiritual consciousness, as I already believe to be true. This was the message I needed because this is what I want to share with the world…..on a higher level of consciousness we are all connected. There is no actual “mental illness” because we are all reflective of the collective consciousness. There is no separation between me and you because we are all energetically connected and we are One.