Mentat Mix 1

Out now, it’s the first DJ mix from me in a new series. It’s a collection of tracks I’ve been into recently, with a melodic, deep, progressive feel. I love seeking out tracks that work really well together, bringing them together in ways that create something new. I’m planning to do these more regularly now so look out for future mixes here soon. Enjoy!


Kidnap — Aurora
 KIKDRM — Little Helper 311–1
 Cari Golden & Dance Spirit — Wash Me Clean (Dance Spirit’s Hyperspace Dub)
 Kölsch — In Bottles
 Moon Boots — First Landing
 Yotto — Chemicals (Mentat’s Way Out West Edit)
 Guy J — Airborne
 Nick Warren & Tripswitch — Voight Kampff
 Max Cooper — Resynthesis
 Dino Lenny & Artbat — Sand In Your Shoes
 Arthr — Balloons (Mentat Mix)
 Alex Metric & Ten Ven — Otic
 Sonin feat. Swedish Red Elephant — All Of My Teenage Crimes

If you’d like to hear more, check out my ‘Summer Seventeen’ mix from last year, and my single ‘Nostalgic’.

Originally published at Mentat.