Mentat Mix 4

A new Mentat mix is available now. Featuring tracks by Adriatique, dubspeeka, Anna, Tiger Stripes and my new release with Traum Schallplatten, ‘Marble’. A range of tracks I’ve been into recently, starting off melodic and progressing to some records from the techno end of the spectrum.

We start with standout track from Adriatique’s album on Afterlife records, slowly building through some deep and progressive tracks from Jonathan Kaspar, Lexer and Volen Sentir. This takes us to my melodic techno atmosphere ‘Marble’, which I just released with Traum. After the meditative vibes of My Friend, the mix takes a darker, more techno infused turn with Robag Whrume and dubspeeka building the tension towards two standout techno tracks of the year for me by Anna and Tiger Stripes. The end of the mix goes right back to 2003 with Holden’s ‘A Break In The Clouds’, which still sounds great today with its frantic yet emotive FM synth riffs and intricate drums. ‘Pixie-trance’ turned out to be pretty forward thinking…

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Adriatique — Nude
 Jonathan Kaspar — Khaya
 Lexer — Hideout
 Volen Sentir — Arrival
 Mentat — Marble
 My Friend — Solace
 Robag Whrume — Veddel Baaf
 dubspeeka — Garrison1
 Marcus Meinhardt — DUKE (Township Rebellion Remix)
 Anna — Hidden Beauties
 Tiger Stripes — Baby
 Holden — A Break In The Clouds (Main Mix)

Originally published at Mentat.