A.T. Murray
Aug 7 · 1 min read
  • [1993–07–23] Creation of MindRexx artificial intelligence in English.
  • [1998–01–20] Creation of MindForth artificial intelligence in English.
  • [2001–08–24] Creation of AgiMind artificial general intelligence.
  • [2011–02–28] Creation of Dushka Russian AGI.
  • [2012–11–17] Creation of Wotan AI in German.
  • [2013–11–24] Publication of Artificial Intelligence in German.
  • [2015–04–18] Creation of ghost.pl bilingual AGI Mind.
  • [2019–04–17] Creation of Mens Latina AI in Latin.
  • [2019–07–03] Mentifex proposes courses in Conversational AI development.
  • Latin AI 101
  • English AI 101
  • Russian AI 101
  • These course-proposals are meant to spark widespread AGI development and to motivate educators and academics to perform a serious evaluation of the state of the art in concept-based Conversational AI with Natural Language Understanding (NLU).
  • [20??] Sole-developer AgiMind matures to the point where other developers are motivated to create their own versions.

You are here in the AGI RoadMap to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

  • [20??] Multiple developers branch off from the initial AgiMind with “forks” and “ports” into other programming languages.
  • Nations develop Conversational AI in their own national language.
  • Corporations form AGI divisions and hire teams of programmers.
  • Manufacturers install AGI Minds in their robots…
  • [20??] Joint Stewardship of Earth by Robots and Human Beings.
A.T. Murray

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Coder of Ghost AI Minds in Perl, JavaScript, and Forth for robots, concept-based and thinking in English, Latin or Russian, with Natural Language Understanding.

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