Donald Trump and the Overblown Ego

The overblown ego of Donald Trump prevents him from nominating a civilian for Secretary of Defense. John F. Kennedy appointed Robert S. McNamara as a powerful civilian to oversee the Pentagon. Like Dan Quayle, Trump is no PT-109 war-hero Kennedy. Draft-dodger Trump wants to gloat over direct command of the military with no rival civilian sharing the limelight. It would be foolhardy of Congress to grant Trump a mad-dog waiver.

Trump the Egotist also does not want to share the limelight with any eminent and respected civilian as the Secretary of State representing the American people to the world. Trump wants only Himself to represent the American people. So just watch as Trump tries to appoint that crook General Betrayus to be a militarized Secretary of State. Trump would love to have pet-dog military goons in charge of both the Pentagon and Foggy Bottom, taking orders directly from Trump or his children, with no civilian go-between or rival for fawning redneck admirers. Then Trump will be the Supreme Leader as both the Oberbefehlshaber and his own Aussenminister.

Trump is in more danger from the Republican leadership than from the #NotMyPresident protesters. The Bush Family Mafia is fully capable of arranging an oh-so-unfortunate plane crash or oh-so-tragic helicopter crash, after which the Republicans will declare an hour of national mourning and move VP-Elect Mike Pence up one notch in the line of succession. Jeb Bush will be installed as a very temporary Vice-President, so that the Bushies, who killed more than one hundred thousand people in Iraq, will have gotten rid of only one overblown ego in order to achieve their goal of having three Presidents in one Family.

If Trump manages to survive the onslaughts of the Hinckley family and the Bush Family Mafia, he may actually be inaugurated amid a storm of nationwide protest. At first the Trump Family Royals will have the protesters rounded up and sent to internment camps like Manzanar and Minidoka. When there are not enough cattle cars for transport and the internment camps get too full, then the machine guns will come out and the mass shootings of protesters will commence firing.

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