Mind-Design in Perl, JavaScript and Forth

A.T. Murray
Oct 22, 2018 · 1 min read

Mentifex, do you have an annotated version of your code somewhere?

All three AI Minds (Perl, JavaScript, Forth) are heavily commented and each of the fifty mind-modules starts with a commented link to the on-line documentation webpage. See http://ai.neocities.org/AiTree.html

http://ai.neocities.org/perlmind.txt — ghost.pl AI;

http://ai.neocities.org/mindforth.txt — MindForth for robots;

http://ai.neocities.org/FirstWorkingAGI.html — JavaScript MSIE AI.

I would like to study your AI codans, but it’s unreadable!

Any Mind-module under examination in one prog-lang may also be looked at in the other two prog-langs, to get an idea of what each Mind-module does. The main characteristic of mentifex-class AI Minds is that they think with concepts — in English or German or Russian. There may soon be master’s theses and Ph.D. dissertations describing the AI Minds in scholarly depth — stay tuned. Thanks for showing interest. -Mentifex

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