The Fall of Joshua Wong ?
Kelly Ip

Overthrow Chinese Government to Liberate Hong Kong

Like Sun Yat-Sen or Confucius, the great and noble Joshua Wong remains an inspiration and a hero to those of us working wholeheartedly to subvert and overthrow the unelected government of China. Our hero Joshua Wong did not have the global arena and the vastness of cyberspace to fight the wicked government. Our hero took on an enormous risk by courageously leading the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. We admirers of the living legend of Joshua Wong continue his work by converting Chinese students in America to return to China and Hong Kong as spies to subvert the evil, student-killing government. We friends of China and enemies of the unelected dictator Xi Jinping — the despicable clown of Beijing — may use the Internet to send messages in a format like the following

57426 97579 17095 10468 05639 26869 20909 
79115 39515 97466 20212 30177 43421 97268
31310 11053 26707 78902 35921 54306 03673
70960 79281 61079 31408 28536 73091 35862

to the spies and saviors of Hong Kong and China. One day in Beijing there will be a memorial engraved with the name of every student who died for China in the Tiananmen Square Massacre. In every city of China people will honor and venerate a statue of the heroic Josha Wong, while spitting and cursing at every mention of the dictator clown. Confucius say, “Overthrow Chinese government — remember Tiananmen Massacre!”

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