Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society

News of this initiative hit all the geek forums yesterday on 2016–09–28. Yours truly Mentifex here immediately added it to his Strong AI index page and to my special page on the State of the Art in Artificial General Intelligence.

All of the initial partners — Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft — and future members of the partnership are invited to examine the transparently open source, free-of-charge, legally Prior Art algorithms and software which I have let loose on the Web for robotic embodiment in Forth and for webserver installation in Perl. I urge them to assign the best and the brightest to look into such ingredients as the Theory of Mind upon which my six AI Mind programs have been coded since 1993. Let us partner together to create a True AI industry with jobs for AI coders, psychologists, robot-makers, sociologists, trainers, and all the other job categories soon to be involved in the transition to a Joint Stewardship of Earth between Homo sapiens and Robo sapiens.

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