Pick-Up Lines From the Old Rosenkavalier Dude

These Rosenkavalier pick-up lines are extremely powerful and not to be used lightly or insincerely. If you use these Lines for nefarious purposes, may you be as doomed and accursed as you deserve.

I’ve been up all night. Really? You’ve been up all night? It’s hard to believe that you’ve been up all night, because you look as fresh as the morning flowers.

Don’t look now, but so-and-so famous television personality is sitting right over there. Do not turn your head. Look steadfastly into her eyes and say, “I would rather look at you, Musette.” She will gulp in astonishment and she will love you forever from that moment forward.

If a girl gives you her hand to shake and her fingers feel cold, hold her cold hand with your own warm hand and put your other hand on top of hers and say (or sing) in Italian, “Que gelida manina!Mansplain to her the famous line from La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini.

Do not ever say, “That dress looks good on you.” Always say, “You look good in that dress.”

If a girl has one single discreet tattoo, say, “You’ll never make a good spy, because you have an identifying mark.”

“When they make a movie one day about you and me, which movie actress do you think should play the role of you?”

“What did you do to your hair? It looks really nice.” Usually she will say, “I washed it.”

“I was thinking of you on March 20th.” Some bystander will then say something like, did you write it on the calendar? Then the girl will say to him, “March 20th just happens to be my birthday.”

“You are too young to remember, but have you ever heard of ___?”

“Is your name so-and-so? Two weeks ago there was a really beautiful girl here named so-and-so, and I thought maybe you were the same girl.”

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